Thermal separation for energy-efficient construction in China

As China moves towards sustainable urban development and resource-saving construction, the effective thermal insulation of metal windows, doors and facades is increasingly becoming a key factor. Ensinger has an array of custom tailored solutions for this using insulbar, the original thermal insulating profile from Germany.

Windows and glazed facades bring light into a building, improving the quality of life. Its precise formability, high degree of strength and sensitivity to temperature and moisture fluctuations, make aluminium the material of choice for frames. Metal frames ideally insulated with insulbar insulating profiles ensure a pleasant room climate while enabling substantial energy savings. The thermal insulating bars from Ensinger link the inner and outer shell of metal frame profiles. Due to their minimal thermal conductivity, they help prevent temperature losses, keeping precious heat inside the living area. This saves a considerable amount of energy used for heating and – during periods of hot weather – also cooling.

The original from the inventor

Ensinger is among the leading developers and manufacturers of high thermally insulating profiles for window, door and facade construction. It was 38 years ago that the German company invented the world’s first plastic insulating profile, revolutionizing the marketplace. Today, insulating profiles from the plastic specialists are in successful use everywhere the world over, and they are being continuously further developed. Many innovations from Ensinger have been instrumental in shaping the thermal separation of metal windows, doors and facades. One example is the invention of the coex sealing wire (see info box). Another is insulbar LEF, an insulating profile with heat-reflecting film (see info box). Even the first hollow chamber profile was the brainchild of engineers from Ensinger.

Energy-efficient solutions from China

In China too, investors, window manufacturers and aluminium profile producers can now plan, produce and construct using insulating profiles from Ensinger. The German company is stepping up its involvement in the Chinese window sector. „We will be providing long-term support as a partner to aluminium profile and window manufacturers with a range of ground-breaking products and technical solutions“, says Vincent Wei, Ensinger’s insulbar® Sales Manager in China. „Our expertise and logistical strengths offer the very best conditions to address every conceivable customer need“. The fact that we are able to offer leading-edge know-how and innovative quality components „Made in Germany“ strengthens our position.“

Ground-breaking products for every kind of requirement

Customers are able to choose from a broad offering of standard profiles, or can have the engineers at Ensinger develop bespoke profiles to meet their own specific individual requirements. Rapid prototyping allows new sample profiles to be quickly implemented, followed by testing and application in the same way as a series profile.

insulbar insulating profiles are made of glass fibre reinforced polyamide 66. They are produced in a variety of colours, geometries and material variants for different applications. This material offers the best characteristics for the durable quality of the assembled aluminium profiles. During the unique manufacturing process, the glass fibres are swirled using a special technique which guarantees the high strength of the profiles. This also produces an unmistakable look which makes it practically impossible to copy. The insulating profiles are heat resistant up to 200°C, which means that they can be powder coated and anodized in the finished assembly.

Ensinger insulbar insulating profiles

Fig 1: Aluminium windows are the premium choice for high-end buildings due to their special material properties. insulbar insulating profiles link the inner and outer shell of the metal frame, providing thermal separation for efficient insulation. Precious heat

Ensinger insulbar insulating profilesEnsinger insulbar insulating profilesEnsinger insulbar insulating profiles