Recognising and using originals with confidence

In many areas of life, copies are commonplace. But there are industries in which the original is the better option. Especially during the construction of new, high-quality and energy-efficient buildings, investors, planners, architects and building owners set particular store by high-quality components. It is important here to be confident about the mechanical values which guarantee genuine products. But how does one recognise the original?

Regardless of how good or bad a copy may be, there is something that it can never achieve: the original trademark. Original products build themselves a good reputation slowly but steadily; they convince customers of their worth in the long term thanks to their reliability and quality. On the one hand there is the experience which the manufacturer incorporates at every stage of improvement of its products. The innovative power which allows every idea to always be one step ahead. Additionally there is the secure, guaranteed quality of the original. But how does one recognise it? The German innovator and quality manufacturer Ensinger, for example, uses a special production method which, as early as the production stage, gives the insulbar® insulating profiles a visible distinguishing mark that is very difficult to copy. The German company, which is one of the leading developers and producers worldwide of insulating profiles for window, door and façade construction, thereby guarantees that the original insulbar® profiles can be recognised quickly and easily and provide optimum thermal separation.

What distinguishes the original from the copy?

The materials that Ensinger uses for the insulbar® insulating profiles are precisely specified and are thoroughly and continuously checked. They fulfil the highest requirements in terms of stability, durability and insulating effect, and their excellent value-for-money ratio impresses customers. Depending on the different conditions of use and product categories, tailored plastic materials are also used which are suitable e.g. for special areas of application such as fire protection applications, or equipped with an electrostatically optimized material for better powder coating capacity. Alongside the fundamental technical criteria which a material must fulfil, climate and weather, among other things, challenge the material in diverse and specifically individual ways. The materials from which the products are manufactured are adapted and tested accordingly. Above all, this quality gives the customer assurance concerning the long-term use of the product. The ongoing improvement of the materials and the production technology is an important pacesetter for technological development. This is particularly the case when it comes to the thermal separation of metal windows. The unique plastics know-how and over 50 years of experience held by Ensinger in material development as well as compounding and extrusion make a crucial contribution to the performance of insulbar® insulating profiles.

How does one recognise the original?

To manufacture insulating profiles Ensinger only uses, for example, tried-and-tested materials from the TECATHERM series – primarily TECATHERM® 66 GF. This specially tailored material based on polyamide with a 25 % glass fibre component makes the profile extremely stable and robust. The unique extrusion method – to which the high-quality original plastic has been adapted – swirls up the reinforcing glass fibres in the profile in such a way that an unusual structure is formed on the surface of the profile. This gives the product a characteristic appearance and thereby also visible copy protection. At the same time, the swirling-up of the glass fibres in the extrusion process brings about better isotropy of the properties such as transverse tensile strength, elasticity and torsional rigidity.

Thanks to this structure, there is a guarantee that the original insulbar® insulating profile from Ensinger is used.


Particularly in the construction sector, where what is important is the long-term, assured use of materials and components, the reliable original product is always the better choice. It can be easily recognised by virtue of features that are difficult to copy. The quality manufacturer Ensinger from Germany, for example, applies these to its insulating profiles as early as the production stage. In this way customers can be reassured that original insulating profiles are being used for metal windows, doors and façades.

Floating direction

Fibre swirling: More uniform fibre orientation in all directions.

The unique extrusion method

The unique extrusion method from Ensinger gives the product its characteristic appearance and thereby also visible copy protection.