Interview with Jan Danger, Head of the insulbar® Division at German insulating profile manufacturer Ensinger

Mr Danger, the name Ensinger should by now be familiar to a lot of experts in China, but perhaps you could still just briefly outline who Ensinger is and what the company makes.

Danger: Ensinger is among the world’s leading developers and producers of thermal insulating profiles for window, door and façade construction. With the invention of the insulbar® insulating profile, we revolutionized the insulation of metal windows, doors and façades the world over.

Ensinger is well known for its outstanding competence in plastic. We have been involved for decades in the development of high-performance plastics. Ensinger’s enormous plastics expertise, the company’s over 50 years of experience and the facility for compounding in-house make a crucial contribution to the performance of products such as insulbar® insulating bars. And our Thermix® warm edge spacers additionally minimize a window’s UW value. With these technologies, we are making a major improvement to the energy efficiency of buildings.

Alongside the insulbar insulating profiles and Thermix spacers for the construction industry, Ensinger also produces compounds, stock shapes, injection moulded and machined finished components, industrial profiles and also compressed and cast moulded articles. Products which are used today in practically every sector of industry and are valued for their outstanding economy and performance benefits.

Ensinger has also been present in China for some time. Why is the Chinese market so important to you?

Danger: As in many industrial nations, energy efficiency in buildings is a key issue in China too. The country has long since recognized the signs of the times and is increasingly opting to construct resource-saving buildings. China has declared its intention to plan and construct over 50 percent of all new buildings in compliance with green criteria by 2020. The optimum thermal insulation of windows, doors and façades plays a decisive role in achieving this goal. The demand for technically more sophisticated solutions is set to rise steadily as a result. With our insulating profiles and spacers “Made in Germany”, we are offering the Chinese construction industry a range of highly efficient and high-quality products.

How long have you already been active in the Chinese market?

Danger: Ensinger has been present in China with its various divisions in the medical technology and mechanical engineering sectors for 15 years. With the continued rapid urbanization of the country, we began to step up our involvement in China in the field of thermal separation of metal windows four years ago. After all, as a huge amount of residential and commercial space has to be created for people transferring from the countryside into the cities, intelligent solutions are required. Alongside effective building technology, optimum thermal insulation of windows, doors and façades is vital for a healthy, environmentally-friendly building.

 What do you expect to achieve from your involvement in China?

Danger: We aim to have a presence also in China as a technology and innovation leader in the field of thermal insulation, providing support to architects, planners, building owners, investors and project developers across the country in their bid to construct high-quality buildings which are more environmentally friendly, resource saving and durable. To allow us to achieve this, by establishing headquarters in Shanghai and representatives in China’s biggest industrial regions, we are now available directly on site where our customers need us. Here, we are able to offer our expertise and the high performance of our insulbar® insulating profiles and Thermix® warm edge spacers to system suppliers, extrusion companies and window constructors, supporting the production of perfectly insulated windows.

Why have you chosen the FENESTRATION BAU China as a platform?

Danger: Our presence here will allow us to reach our target groups locally on the ground. As Asia’s largest professional gathering for the fenestration industry, this fair offers us the ideal platform to showcase our company and our products to a broad specialist public.

How do you envisage future development for the Chinese market?

Danger: The issues of air quality and environmental pollution are gaining in importance all the time in China. This is another reason why we anticipate a growing trend towards greater thermal insulation and generally a higher standard of building quality. This means that the demands made on the sustainability and energy efficiency of buildings will continue to grow. This affects the providers of windows, façades and doors. They need better, thermally optimized products so that less cooling and heating energy escapes „out of the window“. This is something Ensinger can offer with its innovative, high-quality insulbar® insulating profiles and Thermix® spacers.


Jan Danger, Head of the insulbar® Division

A group of insulbar® insulating profiles
a pyramid of warm edge spacers

Ensinger steps up its commitment to the Chinese window construction industry. With insulbar® insulating profiles (top) and Thermix® highly insulated warm edge spacers (bottom) thermal bridges in window systems are effectively minimized. This enhances well-being inside the building, significantly reduces the danger of condensation and prevents the formation of mould with all its inherent health risks. The excellent thermal insulation also cuts energy consumption, CO2 emissions and heating and cooling costs.