Why German know-how is an important driver for sustainable construction in China

How Ensinger supports technical progress in the sustainable construction of energy-efficient buildings – with outstanding technology and great commitment to the environment

For more than 40 years Ensinger has been helping building developers, window manufacturers and aluminium profile producers to make metal windows, doors and facades energy-efficient. With insulbar®, the first insulating profile made from modern thermoplastics for rolling into window frames, Ensinger aids the creation of energy- and cost-efficient buildings that last. The high-quality insulating profiles made in Germany ensure reliable thermal separation of metal windows, doors and façades and lowers the heat transfer coefficient of the metal frame (Uf) significantly. The highly efficient premium solutions are durable, can be used in any design and save a lot of energy and costs in the finished building.

insulbar® thermal insulating profiles simply adapt to the given window design so that building owners, planners and architects can easily put their building plans into practice. It doesn’t matter whether the window is to be round, angular or oval, curved or straight – insulbar® insulating profiles can be incorporated into any geometric shape. Whether an economical standard product or special customised solution – insulbar® offers the right profile for every requirement. Depending on the material, the insulating profiles can be used in different ways. The plastics and specially developed material mixtures used for insulbar® profiles meet the highest requirements in terms of stability, durability and insulating effect. They can be processed further without any problems and ensure reliable thermal separation. Materials with additional application-specific properties are also processed according to the different application conditions.

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Owing to their special material capabilities, aluminium windows are the first choice for high-quality buildings. insulbar® thermal insulating profiles, which connect the inner and outer shell of the metal frame and thereby thermally separate it, ensure efficient thermal insulation.

Standard-compliant insulating profiles from the standard range and sustainable recycling profiles on request

insulbar® profiles made from the standard material polyamide 66 ensure a multitude of possible applications. Profiles made from special materials realize application-specific geometries according to the individual ideas of the customer. Profiles with Low-E-film for example meet the highest Uf-value requirements. Fire stop profiles are a reliable solution for thermally separated, energy-saving fire protection systems. Self-lubricating, glass fibre-reinforced profiles constitute optimum insulation for bolt operating profiles.  And profiles made from 100 % recycled polyamide are available for maximum sustainability in construction – to name just a few examples from Ensinger’s extensive product range.

The use of for example recycled material in the production of insulbar® RE reduces the consumption of fossil fuels by 89 % compared to the conventional polyamide profile, CO2 emissions are 84 % lower and 32 % less water is consumed. In insulbar® RE unmixed recycled polyamides are used which undergoes an upcycling process which puts its properties on a par with those of new material. Polymer blends or mixed recyclates are not used. In opposite to other recycled materials, the recyclates of insulbar® RE are of highest quality which is also reflected in a higher price. Ensinger’s material has a high strength and size tolerances are kept. Even window surfaces are the result. So, that means that insulbar® RE provides excellent thermal insulation with the same performance as standard profiles made of polyamide 66 but is much more sustainable. With the EPD (Environmental Product Declaration), an internationally recognised and standardised instrument for the sustainability certification of buildings, Ensinger also facilitates building certification according to the highest sustainability standards.

This is why the demand for insulbar® profiles made from recycled polyamide is also increasing in China. However, since the GB/T 23615.1-2017 standard recommends, that no recyclates be used in insulating profiles, Ensinger sells only polyamide 66 thermal insulating profiles in China. Nevertheless, customers who attach great importance to sustainable construction are also free to purchase high-quality recycled products from Ensinger, because the news standard is a national recommended standard and not mandatory.

European customers, such as the Wicona aluminium system house, have been using the more sustainable recycled insulbar® insulating profiles for 6 years now in order to increase the sustainability of their window systems. Ensinger has also received the „Cradle to Cradle“ Material Health Certificate in gold for its contribution to technical, sustainable progress, its commitment to protecting the global environment, and in recognition of the outstanding technology of insulbar® RE.

insulbar® REG – the universal profile: The profile has impressive mechanical properties and is always used where high levels of rigidity and loading capacity are required.

insulbar® REG – the universal profile: The profile has impressive mechanical properties and is always used where high levels of rigidity and loading capacity are required.

insulbar® RE – the ‚recycled‘ profile consists of 100 % recycled polyamide, has received the Cradle to Cradle Material Health Certification in Gold and has an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD). It has outstanding mechanical properties and saves energy and costs; what is more, its manufacture is particularly environmentally friendly and not a big drain on natural resources.

Versatile product range for all customer requirements

With its large and ever-growing variety of insulbar® products, Ensinger supports the construction industry in China with the  creation of sustainable, energy-efficient buildings. While building owners save on energy and heating costs with the insulating profiles thanks to effective thermal insulation, system manufacturers as well as metal and window manufacturers benefit from high ease of processing, an extensive standard range and customised individual profiles.

With the insulbar® standard range, many applications can be implemented quickly and cost-effectively. The profiles can be found easily in our standard catalogue or online in the insulbar® finder. At the profile selector guides the user to the right insulation profile from the extensive range of insulbar® standard profiles. Individual solutions can also easily be found. Ensinger tailors the right profile to the customer’s individual requirements.

With insulbar®, the original thermoplastic premium insulating profile from Germany, Ensinger always offers the optimum profile for hugely diverse requirements, which ensures that windows, doors and façades with metal framing are of high quality, more durable and more energy-efficient.

The insulbar® finder guides the user online step by step to the appropriate insulating profile.

Picture credits: Ensinger GmbH