Are you looking for the optimum thermal insulation? Choose the original.

It is our vision to help transform buildings into high-quality, durable and sustainable spaces. The optimum thermal insulation of windows, doors and façades is vital to creating a healthy, environmentally-friendly and resource-efficient building. insulbar® from Ensinger is a groundbreaking invention which has revolutionized this thermal insulation.

Optimum insulation

insulbar® profiles provide reliable insulation against high and low temperatures on the outside, ensuring the perfect climate inside.

Copy protection

The unusual internally developed pressure extrusion technology used makes insulbar® insulating profiles optically unique and therefore practically impossible to copy.

Rapid prototyping

We will develop suitable sample profiles in series materials for your new designs and systems with the utmost speed, reliability and economy.

Nothing compares to the original from the inventor.

Premium quality original insulbar® insulating profiles made in Germany set worldwide standards in their sealing efficiency and durability, and in helping to implement modern designs, reduce energy consumption and thus save costs. All these benefits mean more success for your products and construction projects, and more satisfied customers.

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Only the original from the inventor can offer you genuine top performance.

The performance of the original insulbar® insulating profiles is excellent when it comes to energy conservation, use of materials, stability, durability and environmental friendliness. Original insulbar® insulating profiles permit simple further processing and ensure reliable thermal separation.

insulbar® insulating profiles are the quick, cost-efficient answer to even the most specific application requirements:

  1. Optimum thermal insulation and energy savings
  2. Catering to all cross sections and tolerances
  3. Tested quality, extreme dimensional accuracy and durability
  4. Individual selection of material
  5. Fast delivery times and unlimited quantities
  6. Made in Germany
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High standard of quality, efficiency and individuality.

For sustainable, reliable and energy-efficient insulation of aluminium windows, doors and façades, original insulbar® insulating profiles from the inventor Ensinger are the perfect answer – whether in a standard or special-purpose design. The quality of our workmanship guarantees the optimum implementation of your design and construction ideas.

The original from the inventor

  1. Optimal thermal separation of the inner and outer shells of metal frames
  2. Unique long-lasting performance
  3. Development and production at its main location in Germany

Various plastics

Profiles made of standard materials: TECATHERM® 66 GF, 66 LF and PP GF are suitable for a wide range of applications.
Profiles made of non-standard materials: Implementation of application-specific geometries in line with your envisaged design.
Profiles with Low-E film: insulbar® LEF to address stringent Uf value requirements.

Great innovation

  1. Hollow chamber profiles for highly insulating elements
  2. Coex sealing wire for reliable moisture barrier and perfect sealing
  3. Visual uniqueness through own extrusion technology

insulbar® rapid prototyping

We will develop suitable sample profiles in series materials for your new designs and systems with the utmost speed, reliability and economy.

  • Shorter development times
  • Fewer development costs
  • Greater design security right from the start

Standard and individual solutions

The insulbar® standard range enables the simple, rapid implementation of wide-ranging applications. Even individual solutions are possible with insulbar® profiles. We will develop the perfect profile custom tailored to your specific requirements.

High consulting competence

Our specialists will be there to guide you through every step of the way: from material definition through development and design to production and logistics. The profile design is coordinated precisely with your requirements in our own in-house development department. And our logistics management ensures that you receive your goods on schedule and just as you planned.


insulbar® Finder

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insulbar® Finder

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Your vision, your design, our profiles.

Whether an economical standard version or a customized individual solution – insulbar® has the right profile to address every need.

Experience Thermix® warm edge spacers – the perfect addition

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Our Cooperation Partner


In addition to insulbar® insulating profiles Ensinger now also offers its innovative and highly efficient warm edge spacer Thermix® in China. For more information about the Thermix spacer and why it helps to significantly reduce heat loss at the glass edge please visit our Thermix website

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Ensinger insulbar® company video

More clips on our youku channel

Optimum thermal insulation from the inventor. Made in Germany.

Innovation made in Germany

With insulbar® insulating profiles, Ensinger has revolutionised the insulation of metal windows, doors, and façades worldwide, redefining the standard in the industry.

insulbar inside. The original thermal insulating profile. Made in Germany.The uniqueness of the original

  1. A reliable partner to system manufacturers, window manufacturers and aluminum profile producers for almost 40 years.
  2. Thermal profiles with maximum performance and visual uniqueness
  3. Know-how, experience and knowledge by the inventor of the original.

The power of the inventor

  1. Consulting skills and excellent control of the project
  2. Optimized processes for maximum efficiency
  3. Custom rapid prototyping
Ensinger insulbar® company video

More clips on our youku channel

Quality from generation to generation

Today, the family company from Germany, with 2,200 employees at 28 production and sales locations, is among the leading manufacturers of insulating profiles.

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